Admission Process



  • For initiating any medical treatment with an OPD or Indoor procedures, a “onetime” Registration is required  with a payment of Rs. 100/- at the Reception located at the ground floor which will be valid for 1year. 
  •  It is vital for the patient to carry his/ her registration document/card and produce it at the reception for further proceedings


  • As per advice from the concerned Consultant, if you require admission, then you will need to complete  necessary formalities at the “Admission Counter” at First Floor.
  • Reception is functional round the clock but in case of emergency, admission is also done through the Emergency Department. The Emergency doctor in the Emergency Department may recommend and advice admission accordingly. While admitting, you will be required to answer couple of questions, in order for us to serve you better. 
  • An initial deposit will have to be paid at the time of admission for which a receipt will be issued to you. The treating doctor shall specify the tentative duration of your stay in the hospital and accordingly you will have to pay advance in the Admission Desk.
  • It will merely take approximately 30 minutes to cover several essential formalities near  admission procedures.


  • A deposit is required at the time of pre-admission or admission. The sum payable varies on your choice of accommodation.
  • If you are required to undergo any surgery, the entire amount for the procedure will have to be deposited on admission. Subsequent payment requirements will be intimated to you from time to time depending on your treatment.
  • Please ensure that payments are made within 24 hours of intimation.



1. ICU 50,000/-
2. PICU / NICU  40,000/-
3. Executive Suite  50,000/-
4. VIP Room  50,000/- 
5. Single Room  50,000/- 
6. Twin Sharing  50,000/- 
7. Triple Sharing  30,000/-
8. Multi Sharing  30,000/-
9. Primary Angioplasty   1,00,000/-
10. Heart Block  50,000/- 
11. Ply Trauma  50,000/- 


  • If your account is to be settled by any empanelled companies/ organizations/ Third Party Administrator (TPA), you must bring with you an authorization letter from the company clearly indicating that they have taken the financial responsibility for all medical treatment. Your treatment will be in the category specified by your organization. Separate direct bill will be made for any deviations from whatsoever has been allowed by your company.
  • Further, you should feel free to enquire about approximate cost of treatment, hospital charges, cost of investigations etc., either during admission or earlier from our Finance Counsellor Desk for efficient time management and decision taking.
  • During the hospitalization period, if you require any assistance please feel free to contact ‘Corporate Desk’ and “Insurance Desk” located at First Floor.
  • Rs. 10,000/- will be taken as Security deposit for TPA admission which will be adjusted against the final bill at the time of discharge.




  • If you have been given a hospitalization date, we encourage you to pre-register with us as early as possible to ensure admission without any complications.
  • Pre-registration can be done in person at our 24-hours Admission  Desk  located at first floor.
  • Our staff will generate an estimation of your hospital charges during reservation or admission. The estimation may vary based on the patient condition & the treatment. Cases with complications and charges for any procedure not speci?ed at the time of admission. Therefore, we seek your understanding of the fact that the actual amount may vary from the estimate given.
  • Request for room change, if any, has to be made to the respective Floor Coordinator/ Admission Desk, who will try to accommodate your request as soon as possible, which is subject  to availability.
  • Please choose your type of room carefully, according to your budget. Charges will be applicable according to the room type, from the date of admission and normally no changes are possible afterwards.


  1. Multi Sharing 
  2. Triple Sharing
  3. Twin sharing 
  4. Single 
  5. VIP 
  6. Executive Suite


  • Once you complete your admission registration, the Staff Nurse will show you your room. You will also be briefed about the room and ward facilities. 
  • Your room has been specially designed to provide      the comfort of a home ambience. All rooms are airconditioned. All rooms have Nurse Call system, telephones and television facilities. 
  • Please do not hesitate to use the nurse-call button should you require any assistance.
  • Single, VIP & Exec. Suite will be provided additionally with Mini Fridge, Microwave & Internet. 
  • All beds and rooms/ suites are provided on ?rst come ?rst serve basis, it is always subjected to availability.


    a. Admission Advice from your Doctor.

    b. Doctor’s referral letter along with latest diagnostic reports, X-ray, Ultra  sound  reports, if  any.

    c. List of medications you are presently  taking.

    d. Required Money in the form of cash/ credit  card/ debit card  (Master card/ VISA)         (except Corporate clients).

    e. Health Insurances orders/ Documents, if any.