Let’s take a step forward by donating and help Mrs. Rupa Sinha undergo Bone Marrow Transplant

Mrs. Rupa Sinha aged 58 years is suffering from Blood Cancer.

Mrs. Rupa Sinha has consulted Dr. Riya Ballikar, Hematologist from Kingsway Hospitals. Rupa was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (type of blood cancer) in the year 2017 and with chemotherapy she was doing good till 2021. Now there is a relapse and she urgently needs a Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT). The procedure is known as Autologous Stem Cell Transplant.

 Rupa’s family is financially very weak. She is married and has no kids. Husband is a retired teacher and has no earning source. Her husband has ischemic heart disease (IHD) and has undergone Angioplasty. His income and savings are all used for his own and his wife’s treatment. Total cost for Bone Marrow transplant in Rupas’s case will be around 8 lakhs.
The expected date for the surgery is 31st Jan 2022, so we need to ensure all the funds are arranged at the earliest.

We request you to come forward and extend a helping hand to Rupa by donating as much as you can. The amount is big for the patient but if we all contribute even a bit and spread the word, we are sure to give a new life to Rupa. So, there is an earnest request you to please contribute in whatever way you can.
Let’s all pray for a successful operation and let’s see her completely healed.

Looking forward for each and everyone’s cooperation.

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